Over the past couple of months, I was asked to write about reading given interest in my new ‘reading gap’ book. Below is a list of the articles you can access online, along with a short summary:

  1. Motivating children to read during lockdown’ – see HERE. This short piece, for Families Magazine, has a target auidence of parents (though it may well be handy for teachers too), with 5 tips for fostering reading motivation.

2. ‘How to build a strategy for teaching reading’ – see HERE. This TES article (LOGIN REQUIRED) explores the five pieces of the reading puzzle that are required for schools to tackle reading, from background knowledge, phonics, reading strategies and fluency.

3. ‘4 things parents need to know about ‘reading barriers’ and how to overcome them’ – see HERE. This School Run article explores specific reading barriers like dyslexia and poor comprehenshion, offering accessible insights for parents at home during the lockdown.

4. ‘Confident readers in our digital age’ – see HERE. This InnovateMySchool article explores the issues and potentials limits with online reading, before offering practical steps and positive ways forward for reading in our digital age.

5. ‘5 ways to know if your child is struggling with reading’ – see HERE. This EveryMum article is another for parents on the practical steps a parent could take with younger children to notice if their child is having any particular struggles with reading.

You can find further free resources on reading on my resources page HERE. Happy reading!