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Questions about oracy Post feature image

Questions about oracy

Is oracy the next big thing? Are we destined for interminable arguments about it in the coming months or is there a healthy debate to be had about oracy?  I have lots of questions. For me, as a former English teacher, it feels like oracy – or speaking and listening – is

4 Reasons to (Re)Focus on Formative Assessment Post feature image

4 Reasons to (Re)Focus on Formative Assessment

Teaching and learning can be prone to shifting trends. Some aspects of teaching may suffer from waning popularity, but we cannot lose sight of them because they are so integral for successful learning. Formative assessment is one such aspect that demands our focus – or a refocus – on its central importance.

Adaptive teaching: What is it anyway? Post feature image

Adaptive teaching: What is it anyway?

“Sir, I don’t know where to start with this Scrooge essay!” “Neither do I…” “How many paragraphs do I need to do again?” “What does redemption mean?” Even the best laid lesson plans of expert teachers go awry. Regardless of deftly planned schemes of learning, teaching is not merely

Translating the School Curriculum Post feature image

Translating the School Curriculum

Read this… ‘Liz Truss culpa de su caída política al ‘establishment’ económico del Reino Unido La ex primera ministra conservadora defiende su rebaja de impuestos y asegura que “nunca se le dio una oportunidad real” de impulsarla El modo más fácil en política de admitir errores sin admitir culpa es

10 Tips for Using Revision Guides Post feature image

10 Tips for Using Revision Guides

It is the time of year when well-meaning parents pay for a legion of revision guides and they sit atop all the book charts. The sobering truth is that the purchase is both optimistic and likely lacking in the specific supports and guidance required to use it well. Students are