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Unlock the power of research evidence in education to improve teaching and learning. Discover evidence-based strategies, innovative approaches, and actionable insights that can elevate teaching. These blogs explore new evidence, whilst exploring a range of research methods and practical approaches. Reflecting on research evidence use can help drive school and college improvement, so these blogs offer handy insights for that vital work.

Reflections on PISA 2022 Results Post feature image

Reflections on PISA 2022 Results

“All international assessment data like this is a starting point for discussion, though people tend to use it as an end point.” Professor Christian Bokhove, in TES article, ‘UK’s PISA scores fall in maths, science and reading’ It is difficult for a busy school teacher or leader to process

Why might ChatGPT damage learning? Post feature image

Why might ChatGPT damage learning?

This is not another moan about the perils of ChatGPT, or teeth-gnashing about the inexorable takeover of AI. It is a quick expression of a genuine concern about the potential losses to learning that could attend useful tools like ChatGPT if it becomes a classroom mainstay. I suspect that ChatGPT,

What is the Problem with 'Skills' in Schools? Post feature image

What is the Problem with 'Skills' in Schools?

Can you explain what skills are and how to develop them? Did you feel confident naming some of the key skills? Maybe you cited the more popular skills cited – literacy, numeracy, or perhaps ‘problem solving’, ‘critical thinking’ or ‘teamwork’. After some naming of skills, could you confidently explain the ‘how’

The Problem with 'Just Google It' Post feature image

The Problem with 'Just Google It'

[I have cross-posted this blog on my Substack. You can follow my newsletter and Substack publications HERE] The Internet is omnipresent in our lives. The magic of near-infinite knowledge in the palm of our hand would be scarcely believable for most humans since the dawn of history. Access to such