It is crucial that busy teachers are supported with timely and accessible resources to support their work. As a result, to go alongside my new book, ‘Closing the Writing Gap’, I have produced a small number of tools that I hope will help translate the insights from the book into action.

The free resources include:

7 Steps to Close the Writing Gap. This simple infographic offers a basic summary of the key steps to improve writing that feature throughout the book.

Prioritisation activity. This is a simple summary of comment writing priorities that feature in all school types. The resource can be used as a prompt for discuss and purposeful prioritisation.

Top 10 grammar moves. This infographic summarises the key grammar moves that feature in academic writing.

Teaching sentence variation. This resource concisely summarises the four key types of sentence level moves that pupils can practise to develop their writing style.

Modelling writing approaches. This resource summarises different approaches to modelling writing, including potential benefits and limitations.

You can freely download all of these tools on my updated Resources Page – HERE.

If you want to read the book, you can pick up a copy now:

Amazon UKHERE.