My new book - 'Why Learning Fails (And What To Do About It)' - has been published this week. It explores eight common problems that beset the classroom and beyond. To make sure this book is practical for every teacher, I have also developed a range of free resources.

The resources include:

  • 8 Reasons Why Learning Fails (infographic). This simple resource visually captures the eight key issues that can see learning fail.
  • Independent Learning Strategies. This checklist compiles some key research informed strategies to sustaining successful independent learning.
  • Formative Assessment Strategies. This resource complies short lists of actionable formative assessment strategies for each of the eight potential learning failures.
  • Successful Goal Setting. Goal setting can sometimes be viewed too simply. This resource shares the five key goal types that teachers should consider.
  • Prioritisation activity. You cannot address every cause of learning failure all at once. We need to prioritise. This simple template supports just that.

Simply sign up to my website and these resource (along with a range of others) are freely available.