It is a truth universally acknowledged – and bemoaned – that pupils do not learn all that they are taught. They may learn something. They may even learn a lot. But it may not be a lot of what we think we have taught them.

If you multiply these learning failures thirty times in the classroom, then you capture the near-infinite challenge – and the unpredictable brilliance – of learning and teaching. The reasons for these learning failures are complex and multifaceted, but if we can better understand why they occur, then we can do a better job of addressing them. When we can more accurately diagnose when learning is likely to fail, we can adapt our teaching with a greater likelihood of success.

My book draws upon an array of practical examples and research evidence to tackle eight of the most common reasons why learning fails:

1 The narrow limits of working memory

2 Patchy prior knowledge

3 The nagging nature of misconceptions

4 A curious case of overconfidence

5 Faulty planning strategies

6 An inability to learn independently

7 Wandering attention and miserly mental effort

8 Falling motivation in the face of failure.

The book is written for busy teachers and leaders looking to develop teaching and learning.

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Front cover of new book: 'Why Learning Fails (And What To Do About It)'